Legal Discovery and Expert Witness Services

Construction forensics is the study of what happened to create a certain outcome, and the scientific approach to understanding within a legal form of discovery. On a modern construction site there are so many different skills and work to be performed, that in order to comprehend the basis for a certain outcome, all of the components and actions by everyone involved require review by a team of professionals that are experienced in this type of real world scenario. You want the top professionals on your case, to aid in analyzing construction development scheduling, material and labor costing, and the means and methods required for proper completion of a construction project.

The modern construction project is not only complicated in terms of height, schedule and systems, but also in geometry, ultimate use and integration of architectural design intent and engineering on the site. CM&F Inc., has established partnerships with professional service providers which enable us to manage virtually all areas of investigative services related to the construction industry. We together have many years of experience in this forensic environment, and it is the value of this experience that a relationship with CM&F Inc., brings to your case.

Forensics Consulting

How do you know when you need construction forensics consulting? Do you plan to purchase commercial property? Do you have concerns about premise liability?

Are you a contractor on a residential or commercial building? Would you like to avoid expensive litigation or government entanglements? Perhaps you are an attorney who has a construction related case going to litigation, and you require expert consultants.

Start with a Forensic Construction Consultation from CM&F Inc.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you probably need construction forensics consulting. A building condition assessment is a great place to start. We can save you money by analyzing the building and the site, and telling you which areas could cause you problems and which parts don’t meet standards. We can then help you meet code requirements and regulations from start-up to completion.