Professional Business Developmental Services

Business Structure Modification to Assist Planned Growth Development for the Future

CM&F Inc., works with clients to assist them in modification of their business structure. As times, trends and the economy evolve, so must business models. CM&F engages with companies at the request of business owner’s, corporate boards, banking, insurance and bonding companies to help reorganize struggling businesses. Some of the business development services we offer are as follows:

  • Evaluate current business practices and professional relationships

  • Evaluate leadership positions and principals

  • Evaluate work load and employee job requirements

  • Review of financial documents

  • Re-organize short and long term debt

  • Modify employee and business structure organizational charts

  • Assist HR departments in developing new job descriptions

  • Develop new business plans to set short and long term business goals

  • Provide business valuation support for CPA’s

  • Investigate for unprofessional business practices

  • Fraud investigation

  • Business practice consulting

  • Vertical integration business model expertise

Contact us if we can offer assistance to your changing business structure.