U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Process and Documentation Control Experts

Contracting with the US Government can be very financially rewarding if you perform to the intent of your contract. The US Government has many different agencies that seek to engage with contractors for completion of work. The Government has rules of engagement that they and contractors need to follow in doing this Work. However, unless contractors are educated and therefore knowledgeable in required governmental contractual processes prior to engaging the Work, they will suffer damages.

More specifically, the Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) and their Contracting Officers are experts in manipulating contractors to work outside of their contractual requirements. We are experts against the ACOE and given the opportunity can help you avoid common pitfalls that Contracting Officers tend to place contractors in.

In the event you find yourself in one, or multiple “pitfall’ issues with the ACOE, give us a call, we can likely get you and the ACOE headed back in the right direction.

Remember, the ACOE are experts in causing your project “delay and disruption” which impact your planned means and methods, so proper documentation and project controls are vital to recovery.